I used to adamantly pretend it isn’t true. Even then, like all whiteboys, I was aware that compared to Black men we’re women. Whiteboys are such cowards we’ll deign even the most obvious facts. We know Standard Whiteboy Issue is 5cm hard. 5 inches is the most common claim, like that isn’t embarrassingly small. But it’s two and a half times what most of us actually have!
And that’s just the whiteboy’s most notorious and embarrassing shortcoming. Speed, strength, courage, endurance, fighting, fucking, sports, etc., ANYWAY MANHOOD IS MEASURED WHITEBOYS COME UP SHORT. But we have to be forced to accept reality or we will continue to pretend myths, like “our manhood”, are real and reality is the myth.

‘White Boy’ is Synonymous with ‘Small Penis’. 7 out of 10 Whiteboys Claim it’s Just a Myth